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The plumbing system is one of the most overlooked areas of the Canadian homes. But, homeowners need to realize that some basic repairs can go a long way. They can easily understand and fix numerous issues associated with the plumbing system. It is important to maintain the drainage system of your home in order to avoid plumbing issues such as clogged drain or overflowing sink. This article will guide you about the significant causes of an underground water leak and how to prevent such issues.

Do’s of Home Plumbing

Run hot water at full pressure into your kitchen sink drain for a couple of minutes.

Run hot and cold water at full pressure at the time of garbage disposal.

Use dishwasher after you have used your garbage disposal.

Put a few drops of oil in each screw of your kitchen wash bowl and bath tub faucet.

Remove the stoppers. Clean the pipe where stopper connects especially in the bathroom sinks.

Remove the bolts, pull the wire and clean the hair from wire to fix the slow-draining issues of the bath tub.

Clean out your toilet tank with cleaning agents twice a year. At the time of cleaning, turn off the water, flush toilet once and add small amount of detergent then clean it with a brush.

Use the small end of a pocket knife to clean out the hole of the toilet bowl.

Replace rubber tank ball, if needed.

If you have a problem in your sanitary sewer, buy some copper sulfate in blue chunk form. Put it into your basement floor drain strainer and run the cold water over it until it dissolves.

Don’ts of Home Plumbing

Do not put coffee in your sink drains.

Don’t push any rod or wire into your sink drain.

Don’t have a shelf above your sink or toilet because it’s will damage, if fallen.

Don’t flow dirty water into your toilet or sink because it may contain a hidden scrub rag.

Hot water can crack your toilet bowl. So, don’t flow it.

Don’t use any cleaning device for your the toilet tank.

Don’t put any odor tablet in toilet bowl.

Don’t throw any disposable diapers in your toilet bowl.

Don’t let your water valves rust.

Don’t let the waste basket bump into the pipes and cause leaks.

Do not throw any paper or napkins into the toilet.

Don’t forget to clean your water tank at least twice a year.

Don’t forget to check your flu pipe.

Follow these general maintenance tips to keep your sink and toilet in fine working order.

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