Rіght Рlumbеr fоr Yоur Νееds

Does this sound familiar? The toilet won’t flush. I push the handle and the valve opens , but the water just swirls around and the water level gets seriously about to be overflowing . You use the plunger, but it doesn’t work at all . My initial reaction is that our child has put too much toilet paper in the toilet , but usually working the plunger a couple of times gets rid of the problem . In this case the clog can’t move .


Because I’m a handy sort of guy, my initial thought is to utilize my auger tool and snake out the pipes , however because I’m not a professional plumbing contractor , most of the time , that becomes a fiasco. I end up annoyed , irritated and filthy – and the drain pipe is still plugged up . I basically purchased the heavyweight auger to avoid having to get a plumbing professional to come out. The auger’s packaging contained no directions ; other than generic on/off and safety instructions, so the only thing I accomplished was twisting the hell out of the snake. The snake now only works on close up obstructions . If the obstruction in the drain is further than about 10 feet in, forget about it. Anyhow, this appeared to be one of those times where I thought about snatching the snake and cleaning out the drain pipe personally. Our house is set up with 2 bathrooms, set up to share a wall . The bathroom toilets are literally only separated by a single wall. Considering this, I resolved to take notice of what the opposing toilet was doing. When I went in , I immediately detected that the toilet’s water level in the bowl was extremely low . Interesting. I’m a fairly curious man, so my intuition told me to activate that toilet to gauge what would happen . Since the two toilets are in such close proximity to each other, , I gather that they use the same plumbing. Well, I can tell you, the result was absolutely not what I would have predicted . Upon flushing the toilet in the front bathroom, the water started backing up into the shower. The shower! I didn’t realize that was possible. What it did tell me, was that the blockage was further along than my auger( in it’s broken condition ) would reach and that it was in all probability time to seek an experienced plumber.

Before I made the phone call, I decided to try a bottle of Liquid Plumber. We got a 1 gallon bottle and I inserted about half of it into the shower drain and let it remain thru the night . Read the directions? I don’t need to follow the directions….. In the morning, we took showers and the shower backed up a little. Not to a point of unusable,but the obstruction was still there somewhere. That evening before we went to bed, I poured the remains of the bottle down into the shower drain as well, and again, let it sit through the night . The shower drain ran relatively rapidly the ensuing day , but in order to verify it , we called for the big guns. We called a plumber. He showed up , ran his auger down through the back bathroom toilet and then down the shower drain as well, just to make sure . He told us that the drain obstruction was most likely down in the primary sewer line, and that’s for the toilet seemed to back up through the shower’s drain . The plumber we called did his job , the drains are now running properly and the bathroom toilets are each flushing just dandy . I guess the point of this story is that a plumber should be called in the first place, so that a an experienced expert grasp the issue .

For the most part, we possibly got off easy . The plumber explained that in lots of cases such as ours, tree and shrub will have violated the drain pipe resulting the blockage . When this occurs, then specific drain routing equipment is imperative to break loose the encroaching roots and clean out the drain pipe . Unfortunately, you can’t really understand what the issue is, at least until a professional plumber runs his auger down the drain. If the standard equipment can’t bore through the normal clogs of hair and grease out, then tree roots are most likely the culprit .

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